Project title:

Conservation of the Red-footed Falcon in the Carpathian Basin (LIFE11/NAT/HU/000926)

The main objectives of the project REDFOOT are to:

Strengthen the European core population of the Red-footed Falcon in Hungary and prevent the extinction of the species in Slovakia.



Main activities:

  • Secure nests by placing nest-boxes and improve natural nesting condition by providing „extra nest material” for Rooks
  • Improve feeding habitat conditions by means of AES in Slovakia and demonstrative farming on 530 ha in Hungary
  • Prevent nest predation by stone martens and safeguard high risk nests in Slovakia  
  • Study migration of the falcons to identify European hotspots and establish an NGO-network to promote conservation initiatives
  • Preparation of a handbook and update of the National Action Plan for the species
  • Demonstrate the project results to involve stakeholders in the falcon friendly management


Project facts:

Start: 01/09/12- End:31/03/18

Budget: 3,625,649 €

74,8 % European Commission co-funding

10,4 % Hungarian Ministry of Rural Development




 MME BirdLife Hungary (Coordinating Beneficiary/HU)

 Raptor Protection of Slovakia (SK)

Public bodies:

 Bükk National Park Directorate (HU)

 Körös-Maros National Park Directorate (HU)

 Natural History Museum (HU)

 The State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic (SK)